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Welcome to Stylishmamas' blog! This is where we have our interactive community and are free to express ourselves and share ideas! As we all know, breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing but it can also be very hard and challenging. This is where our members are free to ask and share ideas no matter how big or small. Remember we were all once first timers and what may seem obvious to a been-there mum may not be to a first timer so please don't be shy to contribute and also let us be considerate of each other's problems. So, if you are a first time mum or if you just need a little bit of help or encouragement with something - ask away! We are here to help each other out. Welcome to our community! :)

Stylishmamas' blog!

Breastfeeding fact of the week! March (week 2) 2016.

Breastfeeding protects against cavities!

Breastfeeding fact of the week! March (week 2) 2016.

Providing support for breastfeeding mothers is essential!

Breastfeeding session checklist!


Just like anything else, a breastfeeding session requires a quick thought out checklist before you start otherwise you are in for a rather awkward and uncomfortable session. Breastfeeding is an amazing thing and because it's something that is done quite often during the day (depending on how often you are still breastfeeding your little one) there are certain things that you need to consider before you start.

Breastfeeding fact of the week! March (week 1) 2016.

It is a known fact that breastfeeding gives babies the best start in life and is good for the mum's health too. However, there are so many myths attached to breastfeeding and it's good to know the facts from the myths!

The birth of Stylish mamas! :)

Why is it that the majority of breastfeeding and maternity clothes are so dull that they are not even fit for someone who has seen their better days? Anyone.....?

Breastfeeding fact of the week! Feb 2016 (week 4).

Ever wondered why babies look so relaxed when breastfeeding?...

Welcome to Stylish mamas' blog! Part 4.

Hello everyone to our weekend blog entry! This can only mean two things, first the weekend is upon us! Yay! :) Secondly we have got another great entry for you to read during the weekend to help you relax. So grab a glass of water (it’s always good to stay hydrated :)), sit down and enjoy!

Welcome to Stylish mamas' blog! Part 3.

Hello everyone! Welcome to the third part of our blog "who or what is Stylish mamas?" Today I am going to talk about part C) Third time lucky for Matilda and me. This is my last bundle of joy and she's only 18 months old! :)

Breastfeeding fact of the week! February (week 2) 2016.

Breast milk: The gift that just keeps giving!

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