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The Benefits Of Baby Wearing For Baby And Parents.

Published by: Stylishmamas.

Date: 03/10/2017.


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Photo Copyright: MomTricks.com

Having a new baby come into the home comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, expenses and worries. Sometimes, it's so hard to get a moment to yourself, and traveling around town with a stroller isn't always the most convenient thing. As we celebrate the long awaited International baby wearing week - October 2 - 8, 2017 - we have decided to collaborate with one of the moms from MomTricks.com to share some of the benefits of baby wearing!

As someone who is a huge advocate of babywearing, Jennifer Taylor would love to promote and raise awareness of its many benefits for both baby and mom. She has written a unique post to help spread the word about babywearing and we hope you will find it useful! :)

My name is Jennifer Taylor from MomTricks.com, I'm here today to tell you all about baby wearing, an awesome practice that I began with my son, and I'm so happy I did. International Baby wearing Week is a week-long celebration of baby wearing, and this year it runs from October 2nd to 8th. Have you tried or considered baby wearing? If not, here are 7 great reasons to try it out!


#1. Convenience.

We all know as parents we always look for easier and more convenient way to get things gone when we have our babies.
Baby wearing is ideal for this! Not only can you walk freely anywhere you please to go without worrying if your stroller or big car seat is going to fit down the aisles, but you are also hands free! I can’t even remember then last time I was hands free when having my son unless I was wearing him, and that's priceless.

#2. Security.

A crying, fussy or even screaming baby is not only stressful for yourself, but deep down you feel bad for others around you that has to hear it too. Wearing your little one on you actually makes them feel better, less stressed and more secure. So, we all know what that means: less crying! Less Screaming! Less stress! And less to deal with while having your little one out and about with you while getting things done.

#3. Bonding.

When our little ones are first born, we are told that the best way to bond with them is skin-to-skin contact.
Baby wearing allows you that time to bond with them, and it also allows both of you to become more in sync with each other strengthening that bod you already have with them!

#4. Breast Feeding.

Wearing your baby gives you the opportunity to breast feed them so discretely and hands free!
Please tell me what’s better than that? Can you say multitasking? I think so! You can wear your little one, be breast feeding and be in a store shopping all at once! No sitting, no breast-feeding cover, no embarrassment, or any worry about people judging you.

#5. Peace of Mind.

Being a parent and having a piece of mind is very rare, let’s just admit that now!
Another great benefit though of baby wear is having that peace of mind, because your baby is so close to you. That means they aren't running around, making you chase after them. That also means they aren't in the cart, trying to escape and you're afraid to turn your back just for a second
Thanks to your baby wear, your little one is right there on you and you have a peace of mind about them.

#6. Exercise.

Nowadays, exercise comes in all sorts of shapes and forms, and wearing your baby makes it possible to get that much-needed exercise in.
Even just walking with them is great exercise! Another great thing about baby wear and exercising is that you can do so much more with them on you! I started working out again once my son was just two months old. I'd wear him on me while doing basic squats, walking lunges and walking on an incline on the treadmill. It worked wonders to get my mommy body back in shape!

#7. Baby Development.

Another great benefit of baby wear though is that it actually helps develop the muscles needed for infants to sit, stand and walk just by wearing them on you. It also exposes them to so much more of a variety of sights, sounds, and motions which helps enhance their motor skills.
I know that everyone has their own style of parenting, and I'm not in any way trying to tell you what to do. I have found baby wearing to be an absolute lifesaver, and I only want to spread the word, and hope that other parents out there will consider it too. Good luck!

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