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Breastfeeding Hospital Nightwear and Style Tips 2017.

Published by: Stylishmamas.

Date: 14/09/2017.


Discover the most stylish and convenient clothes for breastfeeding!

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Fashion stylist Amelia Hocking of the Stylishmamas UK website provides solid tips for creating a wardrobe for nursing mothers in hospital - or anywhere else!

  1. Buying a stylish breastfeeding wardrobe is easy online from the comfort of home or hospital. Our mobile responsive website displays great on both mobile phones and tablets whilst out and about.

  2. Get the basics, such as bras and vest tops right from the start

  3. Accessorise with colourful, statement accessories

For a lot of new mummies, finding clothes that are both fashionable yet allow them to breastfeed discretely can be a sticky situation.

Also, as most mothers know - time to take out in a busy period choosing the perfect nursing outfit can be limited.


Today we are here to help thanks to the owner and founder of the successful motherhood website www.stylishmamas.co.uk Amelia Hocking.

Amelia says: “The conception of my range of breastfeeding clothes - after having three kids and always struggled to find breastfeeding clothes that reflected my sense of style and allowed me to wear what I liked.”

“I trained as a clothing designer years ago when it was my trade working in fashion. Once I had children I realised I couldn’t find breastfeeding clothing that was on point fashion wise, plus a definitive difference between casual daywear and the more glamourous evening wear. So, I designed my own exclusive range and Stylishmamas was born”


Nightwear For Hospital Discrete Breastfeeding.

The Stylishmamas Breastfeeding Collection also includes beautiful and stylish nightwear. We have nightdresses, pyjamas and robes that are designed to suit your breastfeeding needs.

Our unique style of discreet vertical side zips at the front chest area of the clothes makes your access quick, easy, discreet and the experience enjoyable with minimal stress.

SM0016 opt Diana night dress 6 opt IMG 4833 opt

Pictured: Breastfeeding night wear - 'Catherine' pyjamas (left), 'Diana' night dress (middle), 'Victoria' robe & 'Olivia' lounge wear (right).


Breastfeeding In Public - Hospital and Home.

Amelia says: “Most breastfeeding attires involve a 'top and trousers/tights/jeans/skirt' and limits your options. We stick to your known styles and just make them 'better' for you so that wearing a dress that you like doesn't mean you lifting up your dress when you have to breastfeed which can only be done in private.”

“My exclusively created dress designs not only allow you to breastfeed in public, whether shopping or eating out, as well as the group setting of a hospital ward.”


DSC 1539 opt3  DSC 1532 opt2

Pictured: Breastfeeding tops - 'Ellie' (left), 'Lucinda' (right).

 Nursing Bras - What To Expect.

A good quality nursing bra is essential for your Hospital Bag. Let’s face it, as the base of any outfit, whether breastfeeding or not, needs to fit well and be comfortable at the same time.

Ensure you are fitted correctly after 6 weeks so you know that what style you buy gives you the correct support. ASOS, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams have a good selection of quality nursing bras.


Use Layers To Stay Stylish.

Layer your outfits as much as possible and embrace colour and patterns - Avoid anything shapeless or tight-fitting and go for comfy, pretty styles.

Cover up by wearing a Stylishmamas breastfeeding top under a pretty shirt or oversized top, which makes it extra easy for instant access to feeding your baby. A waterfall cardigan or holiday kimono will also give you extra coverage – and hide your baby tummy should you prefer!


SM0020 opt  SM0031 opt2

 Pictured: Breastfeeding tops - 'Rose' (left), 'Odette' (right).


All Stylishmamas clothing are machine washable - Breastfeeding is not a job for delicate clothes and expensive silks imported from global destinations!


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Pictured: Breastfeeding wear - 'Grace' dress (left), 'Lucille' top (middle), 'Sophia' dress (right).


Why Patterns Are Invaluable To Breastfeeding.

We know that some women may be afraid of wearing bold patterns and patterns, however they are a bit of a saviour for the new breastfeeding mum:

Jamelia advises: “Choose bold patterns and prints to hide breast milk spillage and baby vomit - Alternatively, why not buy a patterned scarf to accentuate your outfit, cover up breastfeeding oopsies and even protect your baby in the pram”


Curve Flattering Eveningwear and Breastfeeding Dresses and Tops.

Of course you can wear eveningwear - choose a deep or sweetheart neckline, preferably manufactured with a stretchy material such as the Beatrice or Bianca dress, a zip front, THIN straps or a draped wrap style front.


The Changing Shapes of Nursing Mothers.

Getting the shape of your outfit right is key to ensure it’s flattering as possible so whilst oversized shapeless options will make you look bigger, new mums should also avoid tight fitted clothes or anything restricting - for example with a tight belt around the tummy.

Also bear in mind the old adage - Comfort and practicality go hand in hand. Avoid synthetic clothing as you tend to sweat more when you’re breastfeeding and this will make it worse.

Consider what looks good on you and pay attention to the hemline and the neckline. Loose cardigans, bootcut jeans with a mid to high waist or maternity jeans) and A-line dresses and skirts tend to suit most body shapes.’

Bella dress opt1Breastfeeding dress Hermione opt1Breastfeeding dress Charlotte opt1

Pictured: Breastfeeding dresses - 'Bella' dress (left), 'Hermione' dress (middle), 'Charlotte' dress (right).


Earrings and Jewellry.

Please remember that babies will grab all attractive, dangly shinies and will unceremoniously yank earrings and necklaces before you can blink!

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