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Breastfeeding – One Man’s Perspective.

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More often than not, breastfeeding is a topic that is centered around women and what their views are when it comes to the actual decision to do it or not. This is because primarily it is the women who do decide to breastfeed and with the right amount of support, it makes the decision and challenges much easier to tackle. With that said, breastfeeding requires patience, perseverance and crucially it requires the support of your family, friends and your partner! We often get feedback from women about their breastfeeding experiences and why some persevere and others decide against breastfeeding due to different circumstances and pressure from society and sometimes from their partners! 


So, we asked one recent customer via social media if she would ask her partner (husband) to answer a few questions so we could gauge the perspective of a man (for once!) what he thought of breastfeeding from the moment his wife decided she was going to breastfeeding. The answers were quite interesting and insightful thanks to John Spencer! 


      1) What was your first reaction when your wife advised you she wanted to breastfeed your child?

J.S -  At first I was against it simply because I didn’t know much about it. I felt like it was another big challenge that I didn’t know much about and wasn’t prepared for! I was also worried about my wife breastfeeding in   public thinking it would gain stares and negative feedback!


       2) Was your initial reaction justified?

J.S - Not really! You soon release it is extremely natural and that the effects on your partner’s body aren’t noticeable or affected by breastfeeding. As for the stares, it doesn’t really happen as more people are becoming more aware and supportive of breastfeeding plus my wife is quite discreet and she loves Stylishmamas clothing which help her to be discreet and most people didn’t (don’t) realize that my wife is breastfeeding. It sounds like a plug but I was worried about my wife being exposed, as such, in public but it’s nothing like that or as you imagine it to be and the clothing helps a lot which means she is never really exposed!


3) Did it affect your relationship negatively?

J.S - At first I found the demands hard to understand but gradually it became less stressful, less demanding and it is actually easier for my wife to feed our baby in this way. We don’t have to buy formula, boil water and get bottles ready etc so it probably saves time in reality (and money!).


4) How was/is it in public?

J.S - We’ve never had negative feedback but like I said my wife’s clothing while breastfeeding makes it very discreet and I also think most places are now accommodating women who want to breastfeed as nature intended! In the UK, we still lag behind the rest of Europe (and most of the world!) but it is getting better especially as more celebrities are beginning to promote breastfeeding which is encouraging for new mums to see. Breastfeeding is something natural and very important to both mum and baby and shouldn’t be made out to be like it’s something sinister or unnatural.


5) Would you do it again?

J.S - Not that we are planning on having any more kids! :) but yes, now I would definitely be more supportive. It’s free, natural, has massive health benefits for both the baby and mother! It definitely creates a bond quicker for the mother and baby. So yes, for all those reasons and more I would definitely encourage and support my wife to do it again and I definitely advocate breastfeeding to other parents to be! I still think more needs to be done in educating men about breastfeeding as the majority are clueless and don’t know the real benefits. The funny thing is that the majority of breastfeeding women look for more support and encouragement from their partners (naturally!) so, what good is that if their partners don’t know much about it? I think a little bit more education and consideration towards men when it comes to breastfeeding will go a long way even though ultimately the decision lies with the woman but that is just my opinion!

So, you have heard it first hand from a man’s perspective! What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or has it given you food for thought? We would love to hear about it!

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