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Breastfeeding Mums - 6 Questions We Think Are Worth Checking Out!

Published by Stylishmamas.

Date: 11/11/2016.

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With so many breastfeeding clothes and gadgets out there, it's hard finding clothes that match your personality and are also practical when it comes to breastfeeding. Everyone is trying to get you to try their items only for them to fall short of expectations because not much thought or experience has gone into them especially when it comes to functionality. To be honest when someone has just had a baby, they need clothes that allow room for body adjustments therefore the fabric has got to be flexible and also no one wants to keep lifting their dress up each time they have to breastfeed - which can be quite often especially in those first few months. It's even worse when there is a chill in the air!


So naturally items like that tend to get thrown behind the wardrobe making room for those plain t-shirts/vests that can be used for multiple outfits. By the time you stop breastfeeding you can barely recognize your wardrobe or those stunning dresses you had before the little one came along. With this in mind, at Stylishmamas we decided to combine style and practicality so that you can still wear those pretty outfits and be able to breastfeed in them comfortably and discreetly! We created the ultimate breastfeeding clothes that each breastfeeding mum should have in their collection. Clothes that define you and suit your day-to-day needs. So here is what you need to know about Stylishmamas!

Well by now am sure you have heard or seen us around or better yet, seen some of our Stylish mamas rocking their frocks from us. Why Stylishmamas....you ask? Well, here is why:


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1. Who benefits from our products?

You of course! Stylishmamas specialises in Breastfeeding dresses, tops and nightwear. Our products are designed to benefit breastfeeding/nursing mums without compromising on style, comfort and quality.


2. What is special about our products? 

Uniqueness and great quality. Our products are uniquely designed so that your breastfeeding experience is made extra special each time. We have come up with a design that lets you worry less about discretion and public breastfeeding. Made to help you build that confidence when it comes to breastfeeding in public whether as a first timer or a veteran in the field of breastfeeding. They are also stylish and manufactured to a great standard. They are designed for a variety of modern mums (Working, stay-at-home and stylish).


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3. How are they unique and how can you differentiate them from other Breastfeeding clothes?

Our unique design involves 2 discreet vertical zips by the chest area. The zips are placed vertically parallel to each breast with an opening of approximately 25cm when fully opened. With the zips being on either side, this allows you to open each side with little effort and quick access to the breasts - Something important when dealing with a hungry and screaming baby at hand. Also, this enables you to open each side only when needed and can simply be done up when finished! Quick! Easy! Stylish! Unique! Discreet! No stress! :)


4. Do our products offer something you need or will benefit from?

Most certainly do! Our unique vertical discreet zips on clothes (which is exclusive to Stylishmamas) offers you the flexibility of being able to breastfeed in public discreetly. They offer you easy access to breastfeed your baby while still able to wear pretty dresses and tops. Gives you the option to breastfeed out in public places while still maintaining a great level of discretion and style.


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5. Why should you choose our products over others?

Being a small company with staff who have a lot of experience in regards to breastfeeding, our clothes are designed with a lot of thought and first-hand experience for our customers. Something we believe is crucial in knowing what works and is practical for our customers. This means that our products are exclusive to our online Stylishmamas' stores. And because our items are manufactured to specified quantities, great care is taken when making and designing them. Production is closely supervised to make sure that quality is not compromised from the design stage to the finished products. Experts are hired to source the best quality fabrics that are most suitable for each item manufactured and for breastfeeding. High quality work is our main priority and something that we don't compromise on so that you don't have to! We like to think that choosing Stylishmamas represents class, great quality and style!


6. Where can the products be purchased? 

From our Online store: www.stylishmamas.co.uk

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