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Must have list when Breastfeeding!

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Your Initial must have list when Breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a very demanding job and as such, you will need to sit down and think about what you are going to need when you start breastfeeding. I know this can seem daunting especially if it is your first time but just like any else, you will soon be a pro after a little push from been-there-done-that mums and breastfeeding experts out there! Just to start you off, I have put down a small list of things that I did find quite useful in my journey especially in those first few months of breastfeeding. You might find that your needs may be slightly different to mine but generally we all start off with the same things so here we go!



Published by Stylish mamas.

Date: 29/07/2016.


1. Breast pads.

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Now this you will most definitely need especially in those first few months of breastfeeding when your milk supply is still regulating itself. Normally after you've just had a baby and your milk comes in, you can literally feed a small country by how much your body produces. This is because your body still doesn't know how much your baby needs and goes into over drive. So you will leak near enough to every feeding session (and also during the initial stage of breastfeeding when your baby latches on one breast, the other will leak as well) and if you are like me, every time your baby cries or you look at them with immense joy, your breasts will leak and sometimes it doesn't even have to be your own baby! :) This can be quite embarrassing especially when in public so stock up!
Eventually your milk will regulate but don't despair, this doesn't mean you are producing less, it just means your body knows how much your baby needs per session.

2. Nipple cream.

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Lansinoh lanolin is a great nipple cream and I can't emphasise enough how useful this was for me even after I had already had my first child. The first time round, I was very sore and thought my nipples were going to fall out! We had issues latching on properly and as a result I had cracked nipples and they were sore beyond belief. I dreaded the next feeding session but the nipple cream made a huge difference. I put it on before and after every feeding session and in no time I started to heal and the pain from both the sensitivity and cracked nipples started disappearing. Even after I had my second and third child, I still kept one of these just in case and I am happy to say I did use it when breastfeeding all three of my children. Everything else aside, you will most likely need this and when the time comes you will be glad you got it!

3. Nursing bras.

There's nothing more annoying than trying to undo a normal bra when about to breastfeed. Usually at this point, your baby is screaming and as a mother you think they are dying of hunger (even though the last feeding session was about 1.5 hours ago!) and you just want to get on with the breastfeeding but no, that bra isn't cooperating. 2 minutes later you are cursing everything under the sun and bingo! You manage to unhook/open or whatever you were trying to do with that bra. My honest opinion, Unnecessary stress and quite frankly very annoying. So please invest in a couple of good nursing bras and you will be glad you did!

4. Nursing clothes.

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Now this is something I am very passionate about as you can see and there's nothing more I hate than non-breastfeeding friendly clothes when you are breastfeeding. I like to dress up and look nice especially after not being able to do so after looking like a mini hippo. I like to wear pretty things, they make me feel good about myself and boost my confidence especially when still struggling to shift the baby weight. Nursing clothes are very essential especially if you like the outdoors. They help you to be able to go out without worrying about where and when you can breastfeed discreetly. Believe it or not, breastfeeding mothers don't just go out with an aim to whip out their breasts whenever they please. Most try to be discreet but sometimes it's hard to do so depending on what they are wearing so it's important to have something that can allow you to breastfeed discreetly even if it's just for your days out.

5. A recliner (if you can afford to splash out).

This is something that you can do without if you can't afford it but I did find it quite useful. It was my little sanctuary area and I could sit comfortably and in pure bliss while breastfeeding. Good back posture and well relaxed just made my experience more enjoyable. I had a rocking one as well which all my children loved and the good thing is that I was able to use it with all my 3 children so it was definitely worth the money and well used. To top it all off, I still have it and it's still in immaculate condition!

6. A good Breast pump.

This is something that is definitely worth having for so many reasons. It's not just for those mums who are going back to work and still want to carry on breastfeeding or those exclusively pumping. It can be quite handy to have one just in case you need to go somewhere and leave your baby with a babysitter. You can leave some breast milk for the baby so that you don't have to use formula unless if you have to. Also with my first daughter she used to refuse to latch on if my breasts were too full! Strange but that is how she was and she's not the only one, some babies are quite funny like that. So I had to pump a little before letting her breastfeed if my breasts were too full.

7. Breast milk storage bags and containers.

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This ties in with the point mentioned above. It's always good to have some breast milk storage bags so that you can freeze any excess milk for future use. For those going back to work or exclusively pumping this is something you can't do without as you need the milk to be stored and frozen properly. So buying yourself some good ones is essential.

8. Milk bottles.

You will need these when you are not breastfeeding your baby for whatever reason. It's important to try and breastfeed whenever you can and only bottle feed when you can't help it. Breastfeeding helps to maintain/improve your milk supply and even though expressing is just as effective, your baby does a better job at emptying your breasts than a pump. I know real life throws all sorts of curve balls your way and sometimes you can't personally breastfeed. In this case invest in good bottles (though some babies refuse bottles no matter how good the brand so bear this in mind) so that you can use them for your expressed milk.

9. Sterilising kit.

Naturally if you are going to use bottles at one point or another, a good sterilising kit is important. You want to make sure everything is cleaned properly before and after use. Babies' immune systems are quite fragile when young so you need something that will clean your baby's bottles properly and this can also be handy when it comes to cleaning your breast pumps though you don't need one just for this. Pumps can be cleaned manually without any problems.

10. A bottle warmer (optional).

Again this is something you need only if you are using bottles. They can be quite handy especially the portable ones as not every place you go will have a socket for you to plug in the bottle warmer. Some are multi-functional like the Summer brand bottle warmer. You can use it to warm up baby bottles and baby food and you can plug it in your car when you are on the move! It's small, portable and very useful, loved it! :)

I hope you will find this somewhat useful and remember your needs may be different or change over time so feel free to add or subtract to the list!

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