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Celebrating Working Mums Who Breastfeed.

Published by Stylish mamas.

This Powerful Photo Series Celebrates Working Mums Who Breastfeed!

It goes to show that having a career doesn't always mean that you have to compromise on everything else that personally matter to you!


A photographer has extended her series on working breastfeeding mums [Photo: Instagram/tararubyphotography]


Gone are the days when women were expected to stay at home once they had children. These days most women have a choice to either be a stay at home mum (SAHM) or go back to work after a few months. In the UK you get about 9 months paid maternity leave even though your maternity leave goes up to 12 months. It is usually after the 9 months that most women decide to either go back to work full time, part-time or be a SAHM depending on their financial situation (most of the time, though sometimes it can be due to other reasons for example some women feel like they have to go back to work for their own sanity and to have something else to focus on rather than just being a full time mum).

For those that decide to go back to work and are still breastfeeding, this comes with a whole different set of challenges. Most working places don't consider their breastfeeding employees and as such it makes it really hard for them to continue breastfeeding as they usually need to express while at work ( if they can't get to the baby during the day) to maintain their milk supply. In order to do this, they need a clean and private environment (before you ask, this doesn't include the bathroom/toilet) to do so and also be able to safely store their expressed milk which is quite challenging for most.

Thanks to different organisations like the WHO and most governments, more breastfeeding friendly laws and regulations are being put in place to help protect working mums when at work which is brilliant. At least it's one less thing to worry about for the working mums without adding more stress to the already stressful task of expressing while at work which requires exceptional dedication and i think less credit is given for this.

With the changing times we live in and thanks to all this technology we have, more people are being educated on the benefits of breastfeeding and more people are beginning to understand that there's more to it. The benefits are simply mind blowing and for anyone who thinks otherwise is somewhat close minded in my own opinion. You don't have to be breastfeeding yourself to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and support those who choose to do so. It is refreshing to see how many individuals out there are doing their bit to try and normalise breastfeeding which is great for our future generations and hopefully they will be able to enjoy their breastfeeding experiences with less prejudice. I have come across quite a few articles that i thought were brilliant and thought of sharing this one with you! Enjoy! :) 


Last year photographer Tara Ruby created a photo series of military mums breastfeeding their children that she hoped it might help normalise breastfeeding for those working in the armed forces.

Not only did the release of the pictures light a match under the whole breastfeeding in public debate, but it also encouraged other mums to get in touch to share their own breastfeeding journeys. So, overwhelmed by the response, Tara was inspired to create a whole series around women breastfeeding while doing their day job.

The new pictures of working mums nursing their children, include a veteran ‘tandem feeding’ her two kids, a Las Vegas showgirl dressed in full costume, a nurse and a teacher.







The pictures feature a teacher, nurse, Las Vegas showgirl and air woman [Photos: Instagram/tararubyphotography]

Discussing the powerful photo series with Cosmopolitan, Tara explained that the nurse was one of her favourite images to capture.

“The nurse I absolutely love,” she said. “I thought it was really funny, because it shows just how crazy it is when you start nursing an older child. The whole time she had to have her foot up in mom’s face! 'This is exactly what she does every time we nurse,’ she told me.”

Tara Ruby hoped the images might help normalise breastfeeding for working mums.

The release of the new pictures come as it was revealed this week that an unidentified New Mexico firefighter could face disciplinary action after a picture of his wife breastfeeding their infant son wearing his uniform was posted online by Tara.



This picture of a woman breastfeeding while wearing her husband’s fire fighter uniform has courted controversy [Photo: Instagram/tararubyphotography]

But Tara is keen to ensure that the controversy surrounding the photo doesn’t cloud the message behind the series.

“The intention has been since the very beginning to show that a mum can be a full-time mum and still work a full-time job and do both equally at the same time,” she explained.

“I feel like sometimes people have to make that decision between going back to work full-time and staying at home so they can breastfeed full-time.”


Shared by Elise.

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