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Boost Your Breast milk Supply Using These Simple Methods!

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How To Boost Your Breast milk Supply Using These 2 Simple Techniques!


Breastfeeding Moms : When it comes to your milk supply, we have all had our worries and fear that we are not producing enough. In this article we look at two different ways to try and boost your milk supply by two different moms who have shared their life experiences. I am sure one or two of you will be sceptical about certain things but what have you got to lose? Try them out and they may turn out to be your gold mine! Good luck and let us know how it goes! :)


1. Changing your diet.

Shared by: diaryofafirst-timemommy.

Being a breastfeeding mom can be stressful at times...
What are you supposed to eat to get a better supply?
Are there right foods to eat?
What can I do to produce more?
In addition to eating more foods that will specifically target your supple, drinking more water is very important... you can also try lactation tea's and see if those help!
Below is a list of food's I've complied that really help in boosting your milk supply!

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2. The 'Natural' way.

Shared by: Avital Norman Nathman


Skin to skin.

Amy Mager, a certified lactation consultant, stresses the importance of letting your baby spend time on you (or your partner) when Baby is naked and parent is shirtless. “The more skin-to-skin contact, the more babies nurse — in a Moby wrap, under a shirt, with a blanket over babe resting,” Mager explains.

Pay attention to Baby.

Learning to read the signs of your baby’s hunger can be key. Mager explains, “Every time you respond to a feeding cue — hand to mouth, pecking on your chest like a bird, turning the head and looking for breasts that might be floating by — this is a feeding cue not to miss. When we catch them, babies get fed before they are starving, are reminded that we respond to them AND give your breasts stimulation.”

The more stimulation your breasts get, the more milk you will make.

Nurse frequently! The more milk you “remove” from your breast, the more milk will be produced. Also, try to offer both sides at each feeding.

Get a good latch.

You want each nursing session to be as productive as possible, so that your breasts are emptying during feeding in order to fill back up again. “When Baby is not latched on effectively, take Baby off,” Mager says. “Talk to Baby. In a high-pitched voice, ask Baby to ‘Open.’ Remember, the dentist doesn't say ‘don't close,’ she reminds us to open.”


Be patient.

It can be frustrating to feel like your milk supply is going down, but stressing out over it might make it worse. Practice self-care and be kind to yourself. Eat well, drink plenty of water, and make sure to get enough sleep when you can. If you need to, you can hand express or pump in between feedings, but remember that you never produce as much milk while pumping as you do while breastfeeding.

The best way to know if your baby is getting enough milk is to be aware of the amount of wet/dirty diapers she produces daily. It’s one of the best indicators of how much she’s consuming. If you’re still concerned about your milk supply, make an appointment to see your doctor or local lactation consultant.


Published by: Stylish mamas.

Dated: 27/05/2016.

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