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Breastfeeding session checklist!


Just like anything else, a breastfeeding session requires a quick thought out checklist before you start otherwise you are in for a rather awkward and uncomfortable session. Breastfeeding is an amazing thing and because it's something that is done quite often during the day (depending on how often you are still breastfeeding your little one) there are certain things that you need to consider before you start.


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When you have been breastfeeding for a while, certain things you will do without much thought because you will have gotten used to doing it that it will become like second nature! So what is this check list and how possibly can it be useful? Well, let's find out! :)


1. Stay hydrated.

I think this is the most obvious one and you will hear this all the time. It's very important to stay hydrated and before you sit down, make sure you have a drink because quite often than not, breastfeeding does make you feel thirsty and a drink within easy reach will prove useful. Last thing you need is getting up to go and grab a drink with a baby in your arms. Not only is it awkward, it can be a pain if you have to bend down or reach out for something in the process. So to save yourself this trouble, grab one before and let that be the least of your worries!


2. Grab a snack or two.

Believe it or not, breastfeeding can make you a bit hungry and it's a good idea to keep a snack or two so that you don't have to scream out to someone to grab you that piece of pizza from last night's left overs! :) We have all been there. The problem with this is that someone will most likely bring you the wrong thing and if you are quite particular like me, this usually forces me to get up to go and get what I want which isn't easy with a baby attached to you! Sometimes I feel like I could eat a horse because of how hungry I get! (I know what you are thinking and no I am not a fan of horse meat , it is just an expression as am sure you are well aware of! :)) It is a good idea to always have some snacks just in case, you may not need one every single time but it helps to know that you have got something there especially if your little one is a slow eater.


3. Something for entertainment.

Some babies don't rush for anyone and if you are lucky enough to have one like that, embrace yourself because there's no point watching the clock otherwise it's only going to drag on! The best thing you can do is to make sure that you have got something to keep you entertained. Be it a book, a magazine, a mobile phone or a remote control for a television make sure it is within easy reach. For the latter, have the remote control close if you've got one so that you can easily put on what you want to watch without relying on someone else to come and change the channels for you. A mobile phone is quite handy if you have internet connection on it. It can be a great time to catch up with friends on social media or if you enjoy reading, this can be a good time to read an article or two if you don't like hard copies. The advantage of having a phone is you can actually do quite a lot of different things using the same device as compared to a hard copy book. For example I do a lot of online shopping while breastfeeding my daughter and on a few occasions I have also done my grocery shopping to be delivered at home! I mean how good is that? Doing two useful things at the same time with very little trouble can be a god send when you have got more than one child. This can be very useful when you need to be in two places at the same time.


4. Quick dash to the bathroom.

This is one that always used to catch me off guard. Rarely do you think "oh, my baby needs a feed, I will go to the bathroom first!" This is not the normal thought process but I can tell you now, don't ignore this because you will regret it when you are sat there with your bladder ready to explode! There's nothing worse than needing a toilet break and not being able to get up! Imagine sitting there with your legs crossed because you need the bathroom and you can't get up! Not the best experience. If for whatever reason you did find yourself in this situation, try not to watch the clock because that will just drag on :)


5. Comfy seat.

Because you need to sit down to breastfeed, you need somewhere comfortable to sit down. You don’t want to be aching in all sorts of places from a lack of good posture due to sitting uncomfortably. Small things like that do matter and it’s good to always try and follow certain things when you are breastfeeding. Back ache can be a problem later on in life if you develop a habit of crouching or not sitting upright when breastfeeding. Don’t forget that you are still holding your baby in your arms so her/his weight is usually resting on your lap and arms and if you are not sitting properly, your back will try to compensate in order to distribute that weight evenly in front of you which usually leads to you crouching. Depending on how frequent you are breastfeeding, you need to sit down somewhere appropriate and need something that will encourage you to sit with a good posture.


6. A small blanket.

This is especially useful in those winter months. When you have a little one that is still waking up quite often for night feeds and sleeps away from you, a nice little light blanket will come in handy! You don’t want something that is too heavy because you will both be sweating within a few minutes. My son used to wake up quite often for night feeds and I am not a big fan of cold nights. I found that having a nice little blanket next to the nursing chair was a good idea because whenever I felt a bit cold, I could just grab it and snuggle up with my little boy while he breastfed. I must say I did enjoy these because it gave me a good reason to cuddle up even more!

In conclusion, my general thoughts are find yourself a comfy little spot, grab a drink and a snack, have your entertainment within easy reach and you are good to go! It goes without saying that on some occasions you may not be able to follow each and every one of these but try to prioritise and always follow a few that truly matter!

We hope that you will find this useful at some point during your breastfeeding journey! I personally did find this checklist quite useful and I know a lot of breastfeeding mothers who will agree with me. Use the list to your advantage and because every mother’s breastfeeding journey is different, you will soon find out what you can and can’t do from the list so feel free to add or subtract to the list as you go along!


By Stylish mamas.

Dated: 11/03/2016

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