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Breastfeeding fact of the week! March (week 1) 2016.

It is a known fact that breastfeeding gives babies the best start in life and is good for the mum's health too. However, there are so many myths attached to breastfeeding and it's good to know the facts from the myths!

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Question: If babies feed a lot, does that mean they aren't getting enough milk?

Fact: Because breast milk is so easy to digest, babies generally get hungrier sooner than if they are formula-fed. It's appropriate for your breastfed newborn baby to feed every two to three hours.

So next time someone says to you she/he is not getting enough breastmilk because she/he is hungry again, just politely say to them actually she/he is! Or you can just smile to yourself and think ignorance is bliss! :)

Source: m.webmd.boots.com


By Stylish mamas.

Dated: 04/03/2016.

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