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The birth of Stylish mamas! :)

Why is it that the majority of breastfeeding and maternity clothes are so dull that they are not even fit for someone who has seen their better days? Anyone.....?

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Stylish mamas came to be simply because I got tired of wearing the same old dull breastfeeding clothes that made me look like I was 90 years old! Mind you I have seen some 90 year olds with much better styles than some of the breastfeeding clothes being sold out there! I mean, whose idea was it to make maternity and breastfeeding clothes look so hideous? The funny thing is that women of child bearing ages are usually still quite young and full of life. So to design clothes that make them look like they are anything but young was never going to last, was it?

Talking from experience, when I just had my children the first few weeks I felt like I had just been hit by a truck! I still looked like I was 7 months pregnant, I was exhausted from the sleepless nights and the constant breastfeeding to the point where sometimes I forgot I was breastfeeding and nearly opened the door to the post man with everything hanging out! (Now that would be something :)). Finding something to wear that made me feel good about myself was challenging to say the least. I see these celebrities in magazines who after one week of giving birth look like they were never pregnant! Not a chance for some of us! Considering that people were asking me "when are you due?" when I was about 6 months pregnant, chances are I was never going to look like Angelina Jolie when she was one week post-partum even after carrying twins! I came to accept the fact that when I was pregnant the likes of me and Milla Jovovich were meant to pile on the pounds no matter how much I watched what I ate. Don't get me wrong, I was never one to shy away from food when pregnant but I didn't eat excessive amounts either. I ate in moderations and tried different varieties of food for obvious reasons but I didn't just eat for the sake of eating. I think once you go down that road, it becomes a slippery slope!

Flattering clothes when you are heavily pregnant are hard to find never mind when you have just given birth! It's at this stage when your body doesn't know what to do with itself. Should it go down now that you've given birth or hang on to those pounds to be passed on to baby's milk? While it's taking its precious time to decide, finding appropriate clothes can be a nightmare! I have lost count how many times I've stood in front of a mirror changing outfit after outfit because I couldn't find something that fit me perfectly and was breastfeeding friendly! Because my body was still in this "unnamed" shape where things were still trying to get back to normal, nothing seemed to fit me except my early pregnancy clothes which at this point where battered from being worn constantly when I was still in my early stages of pregnancy where morning sickness seemed to define me and I couldn't care less about how my clothes looked! (Probably why most companies that sell pregnancy clothes are able to get away with it!). As if that wasn't enough, finding good quality breastfeeding clothes seemed like an impossible mission at times. Breastfeeding clothes were there but the quality with most of them was disappointing. When it's something that you are going to be using constantly during the course of the day, you don't want to compromise on quality because you will only be spending twice as much in the long run in comparison to something of excellent quality that is a bit higher in price. I learnt this the hard way and for the sake of saving a few pennies, it’s not worth it. You have to judge every situation by its merits.

It was during a breastfeeding session that I started thinking there had to be a better way of breastfeeding without stripping half way every time especially when I was wearing a tight fitting dress or outfit which am sure most breastfeeding mothers have experienced. I just wanted my usual clothes that represented my style and had an easy access to breastfeeding. Something that didn't make me look drained and dull (even though most days I felt that way!). I wanted something that made me feel good, looked good and was easy to breastfeed in whether I was in public or not. I was tired of standing in front of my wardrobe looking and searching for "another” nice top to wear every time I was going out with my family. I was tired of not being able to wear my pretty dresses because I couldn't breastfeed appropriately in them and the breastfeeding dresses I had seemed to be covered in layers of fabric just so they could have a discreet breastfeeding area. I wanted something flattering to my figure, pretty, discreet and easy to breastfeed in.

And so Stylish mamas was born which has become a passion of mine and continues to grow from strength to strength thanks to all the support from everyone! Friends, family, people I barely know and don't know have been so supportive it's humbling. At times it’s been really hard but they've kept us going! Our social media pages are slowly gaining followers and we are truly grateful for your support! It means a lot to us and we wouldn't be here without each and every one of you so thank you! :)

To all the breastfeeding mothers out there, keep doing what you are doing and it is enough! You may only have been breastfeeding for a day or a week or 2 years, it's fantastic that you are doing it. Yes it may not have been for long but you are still doing it! You probably don't have a trophy to show for it or any cool stories about how amazing it has been. All you may have are cracked nipples, millions of google searches on your phone trying to find out how to increase your milk supply and you are probably covered in milk stains. It doesn't matter, the difference is that you are doing it and marching on come rain or sunshine! So here's to all the ladies out there that have just started out on this tough yet fulfilling and amazing journey. Whether it's been 2 weeks or 2 days, be proud of yourself for breastfeeding to the best of your abilities!

Have a great day! :)

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Just because its a cute photo! Darcey pulling a funny face at 7 months old. :)


By Stylish mamas!

Dated: 04/03/2016

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