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Welcome to Stylish mamas' blog! Part 2.

Hello and welcome to our second part of 'Who or what is Stylish Mamas?' In this part we are going to be discussing part B) The decision to breastfeed my second child (Henry) and why i chose to do it again!

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Before i go any further, i would like to say thank you so much for the positive feedback from our first part of the blog. Your encouragement has inspired us to continue! :)


B) The decision to breastfeed my second child (Henry).

After breastfeeding my daughter for 15 months, it's safe to say that i thought i had all the basics to breastfeeding covered and that didn’t come without its fair share of challenges.
After we found out that we were expecting baby number 2, it goes without saying i knew that i was going to breastfeed again. The decision came naturally as when i compared the advantages to the disadvantages of breastfeeding, there was no contest. Because the comparison was from experience, it was easy for me to see which way i was going to go. Fair enough that breastfeeding can be a bit challenging especially when out and about as when it's time to breastfeed the baby you need to find a place that’s:

1) Breastfeeding friendly (it is sad but you will be amazed at how many places aren’t!)
2). Appropriate (and no the toilet is NOT one of them. Try to avoid places that have too much going on as this will most likely cause distractions for the baby especially as they start being more aware of what is going on around them).
3). Comfortable (chances are you will be sitting down for a few good minutes unless if you have a fast drinker! :). The last thing you need is being uncomfortable and aching in all sorts of places by the time your baby is done!)

With all that said, the advantages were by far more rewarding. The fact that the milk was readily available and free was a massive bonus! Because i always breastfeed on demand, the milk was always 'ready' and at the right temperature, day or night! I didn’t have to warm any bottles (except for when i had expressed). My baby was receiving his own tailored milk as my body was producing milk to suit his own specific needs without me spending a fortune. I mean how cool is that? :) I could go on and on about all these cool reasons but i will just leave it at the fact that breastfeeding was always going to be a winner in my eyes!

After Henry was born through an elective Caesarean section my main concern was whether I was going to produce enough milk and how long till my milk came in ( I think this is usually a concern for those having a C-section for the first time). I am glad to say within 2 days my milk was in! With that concern out of the way i thought it was going to be like breastfeeding his sister without the many challenges I faced. Wrong! :) I am sure you know this or have heard people say every child is different. This is so true and the differences come in all forms. Henry was terrible at latching and it took us a good couple of weeks before he finally got the hang of things. Feeding sessions seemed to take twice as long because I had to keep taking him off the breast to latch on again because his latching was terrible. I learned not to carry on feeding if the latching wasn't right as this lead to other problems (terrible pain when nursing, cracked nipples, baby taking too long to feed because the milk wasn't coming out properly). So you are better off making sure that the baby is latching properly otherwise your initial experience is going to be even harder. There is going to be that sensitivity issue when you start breastfeeding but this should ease off as you get the hang of things. If it doesn't please seek professional help as there may be an underlying issue (poor latching, tongue tied etc.) When we got over the latching problems, the experience was just as I remembered, magical! :) It was another great experience and I breastfed him until he was 17 months old! Another experience I will live to cherish and the rewards were equally just as satisfying. Breastfeeding will always be worth it and it will never be replaceable! So what you are doing is truly amazing and will always be priceless!
Till the next part of our blog, enjoy and treasure your breastfeeding experiences because they soon grow up! Have a great weekend!


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Just because it's a cute photo! Henry (1 month old) & Darcey (3 yrs old).


By: Stylish mamas.

Dated: 12/02/2016.


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