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Welcome to Stylish mamas' blog!

Hello everyone to our first ever blog entry! I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone for your support and constructive feedback. It is deeply appreciated! This blog has been created so that you can get to know us and what we stand for. And so that you can have an understanding of why we care and how Stylish mamas came to be! We hope you will enjoy this journey and find one or two things useful. :)


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Welcome and let us begin! :) So, to start off I would like to tackle the first questions that most of you will have upon coming across 'Stylishmamas.co.uk'. What or who is Stylish mamas and what do they do?

We are a small family business that is run by myself ( Amelia) and my husband ( Dean). We have three beautiful children, one boy ( Henry) and two girls ( Darcey and Matilda) and as a young growing family, we came to realise that some things in life you have to learn the hard way and others if you are lucky enough someone else will have already done or created something to make your life much easier. This is what brought about Stylish mamas. To fully explain myself, I will try to answer these questions in 5 parts :

A) The decision to breastfeed my first child ( Darcey).

B) The decision to breastfeed my second child ( Henry).

C) Third time lucky for Matilda and me?

D) Breastfeeding in public or in front of company.

E) The birth of Stylish mamas.

Hopefully at the end of this, you should have a clear picture of who Stylish mamas is and what we stand for!


A) The decision to breastfeed my first child.

As a young woman growing up, I never really thought much of breastfeeding. I used to see it more as a lifestyle choice than a great nourishing experience for both mother and baby. After I got married and we decided to start our own family, the idea started playing more on my mind. When I found out I was pregnant, like any excited parent-to-be, my mind went into overdrive and I wanted the best for my baby. I started to research on breastfeeding and why there was so much emphasis on it. Luckily my husband was just as curious and supportive. Together we embarked on a breastfeeding research mission. We watched programs on breastfeeding , read books, attended breastfeeding classes and even joined online breastfeeding support groups. In the end I decided breastfeeding was best and thought I had everything all figured out ( breastfeeding here I come! ). 

After having my first child, the first few weeks of breastfeeding were very hard. This is something that most people won't tell you. I think it's more of a 'protecting you' issue and not wanting to 'put people off breastfeeding' issue more than anything and I think when most people realise just how hard and committed you have to be to succeed at breastfeeding, they give up. Most of the time, first time mothers are under the impression that because it's a natural thing, how hard can it be? My honest answer? Very hard and if you haven't got the right kind of support, you are in for a harsh treat. It will be hard but if you persevere it WILL get better and all struggles will be a thing of the past. I am not saying this to scare anyone from breastfeeding, far from it! I am very passionate about breastfeeding and I am just being honest, telling you what I wish someone had told me before so that I could have been well prepared mentally. I started breastfeeding thinking it was going to be a walk in the park, boy was I wrong. It was tiring, I was exhausted and I was sore beyond belief. On top of the sleepless nights, it seemed as though my baby wanted to nurse every minute of every hour because my milk was still coming in. After a couple of weeks living on nipple creams, nipple shields, perseverance and determination, the worst was behind us. I became more and more confident in what I was doing and my baby also became better at latching properly and we were off! :) Now the most beautiful and amazing moments started to unfold in front of my eyes. Watching my baby nurse and fall asleep in my arms were moments beyond description. Watching that beautiful content and happy baby nurse in my arms are memories I will forever cherish. Knowing that you are bonding and providing the best nourishment for your baby in that simple yet complex act is satisfying beyond words and I am sure those who have had the privilege to do so will agree with me. I think it's something that every mother should experience if they can and if it's possible.

I breastfed my daughter for 15 months and it was one of my great experiences as a mother and knowing that I helped my daughter start off on a good note in life is worth a small pat on the back! ( I think :) ) To all the breastfeeding mothers out there, keep on doing a great job and know that it's ok to feel overwhelmed sometimes and it's ok to give yourself a small break now and then to do what you want ( express if you can and let others bottle feed the baby ). To all the mums to be who are contemplating breastfeeding, go for it! You will be glad you did no matter how long! :)

Breastfeeding is a demanding job and make sure you do take some time to look after yourself. Remember happy and healthy mommy leads to better nourished breast milk for baby! 

Till the next part of our blog ( B -The decision to breastfeed my second child ) happy breastfeeding! :)


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Darcey in 2008 at 6 months old! (Just because its a cute photo!) :)


By Stylish mamas.

Dated: 04/02/2016.

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