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Welcome to Stylishmamas' blog! This is where we have our interactive community and are free to express ourselves and share ideas! As we all know, breastfeeding is a wonderful and natural thing but it can also be very hard and challenging. This is where our members are free to ask and share ideas no matter how big or small. Remember we were all once first timers and what may seem obvious to a been-there mum may not be to a first timer so please don't be shy to contribute and also let us be considerate of each other's problems. So, if you are a first time mum or if you just need a little bit of help or encouragement with something - ask away! We are here to help each other out. Welcome to our community! :)

Stylishmamas' blog!

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Ignore Your Kids.


Published by Stylishmamas.

Date: 10/01/2018.


Stylishmamas 01 18 opt


If you’re like most parents that are preparing to have a child, you’ve probably done your homework. By now, you’ve likely realized that the Internet is full of pretty conflicting information, especially when it comes to parenting. One bit of information that has recently been passed around is that you should ignore your kids when they misbehave or start having a tantrum/crying. This piece of advice can be a bit misleading, and we at InnerParents would like to set the record straight on why you should never ignore your child.

The Benefits Of Baby Wearing For Baby And Parents.

Published by: Stylishmamas.

Date: 03/10/2017.


newbie carriers opt

Photo Copyright: MomTricks.com

Having a new baby come into the home comes with a whole new set of responsibilities, expenses and worries. Sometimes, it's so hard to get a moment to yourself, and traveling around town with a stroller isn't always the most convenient thing. As we celebrate the long awaited International baby wearing week - October 2 - 8, 2017 - we have decided to collaborate with one of the moms from MomTricks.com to share some of the benefits of baby wearing!

As someone who is a huge advocate of babywearing, Jennifer Taylor would love to promote and raise awareness of its many benefits for both baby and mom. She has written a unique post to help spread the word about babywearing and we hope you will find it useful! :)

Breastfeeding Aids - Items You Can Use That Might Be Helpful.

Published by Stylishmamas.

Date: 21/09/2017.


DSC 0822 opt3

Normally, you don’t need to do anything special to keep your breasts and nipples comfortable and working as they should. After all, breastfeeding evolved long before anyone developed any products or garments to support it. However, there are a number of items you can use that might be helpful, depending on your circumstances and experience.

Breastfeeding Hospital Nightwear and Style Tips 2017.

Published by: Stylishmamas.

Date: 14/09/2017.


Discover the most stylish and convenient clothes for breastfeeding!

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Fashion stylist Amelia Hocking of the Stylishmamas UK website provides solid tips for creating a wardrobe for nursing mothers in hospital - or anywhere else!

  1. Buying a stylish breastfeeding wardrobe is easy online from the comfort of home or hospital. Our mobile responsive website displays great on both mobile phones and tablets whilst out and about.

  2. Get the basics, such as bras and vest tops right from the start

  3. Accessorise with colourful, statement accessories

For a lot of new mummies, finding clothes that are both fashionable yet allow them to breastfeed discretely can be a sticky situation.

Also, as most mothers know - time to take out in a busy period choosing the perfect nursing outfit can be limited.


The Class Dynamics Of Breastfeeding.

Published by Stylishmamas.

Date: 28/07/2017.

breastfeed 28072017 opt


In 1992, the New York Times published an editorial (paywall) on the importance of promoting breastfeeding in the developing world. A reader and health care worker responded by writing in a letter to the paper voicing a then common argument in support of breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Reduces Uterine Cancer 2017 Study Shows.

13 07 17 blog photo opt


Women who have breastfed at least one child have a lower risk of developing uterine cancer.

The global study, led by the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane, examined data from more than 26,000 women with at least one child.

Nearly 9000 of those women are living with uterine cancer.

16 Random Breastfeeding Facts.

Published by: Stylishmamas.

Date: 10/03/2017.


Breastfeeding random facts opt


Ever wondered why a lot of people bang on about breastfeeding and why it is such a big deal? Well, maybe this will help you understand why and bear in mind that this is only a fraction of what breastfeeding can do for you and your baby. We have listed 16 cool random breastfeeding facts and they are amazing! Makes you look at breastfeeding in a whole new light...








10 Tips For Breastfeeding In Public.

Published by: Stylishmamas.

Date: 03/03/2017.




Breastfeeding mothers and their babies shouldn’t feel they have to stay home — hey, they want to enjoy the same activities as anyone else! Current recommendations are to breastfeed exclusively for six months and to continue breastfeeding with added complementary foods for two years and beyond. If you’re not comfortable breastfeeding in public, you can find your life becomes very restricted.







12 Interesting Breastfeeding Facts Worth Knowing!

tildabasket opt


By Stylishmamas.

Date: 24/02/2017


It's always a good idea to find out more about something before you commit to it. So why not learn about breastfeeding before you become a new mom. Test your breastfeeding knowledge by reading these facts to better understand how amazing women’s bodies truly are and if you are already breastfeeding, it's always nice to learn something new about breastfeeding that you didn't know about! So we have come up with a list of breastfeeding facts that we think are worth knowing and some of them are just mind blowing! :)





Breastfeeding – One Man’s Perspective.

FullSizeRender1 opt

More often than not, breastfeeding is a topic that is centered around women and what their views are when it comes to the actual decision to do it or not. This is because primarily it is the women who do decide to breastfeed and with the right amount of support, it makes the decision and challenges much easier to tackle. With that said, breastfeeding requires patience, perseverance and crucially it requires the support of your family, friends and your partner! We often get feedback from women about their breastfeeding experiences and why some persevere and others decide against breastfeeding due to different circumstances and pressure from society and sometimes from their partners! 

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