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About Us

About Us



Stylishmamas is a British based breastfeeding clothing and accessories - specialist. Our main aim is to bring stylish and quality products to breastfeeding mothers.





Stylishmamas is based in Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom. We are a family run company with the view to supporting breastfeeding mothers and parents-to-be. The core focus of our business is to produce modern, stylish and affordable breastfeeding clothing with simple and effective access for breastfeeding while maintaining 100% discretion, enabling breastfeeding in any location, at any time and in any environment.

Many establishments support open breastfeeding but our clothing enables discretion, comfort and will also encourage others to welcome breastfeeding in their establishments. In addition, we hope this will encourage breastfeeding mothers to feel at ease when breastfeeding especially in public places knowing that they can do so unnoticed if they are not comfortable with public breastfeeding.


The conception of our range for breastfeeding clothes - after having three kids and always struggled to find breastfeeding clothes that reflected my sense of style and allowed me to wear what I liked, I decided to experiement with a few ideas that I had and when I tried this one, it was a no brainer and an instant hit. Most breastfeeding attires involve a ‘top and trousers/tights/jeans/skirt’ and limits your options for a stylish wardrobe. I love wearing dresses and feel more comfortable in dresses and skirts. Unfortunately most clothes aren't always suitable for breastfeeding mums and this usually leaves them no option but to go for the same old attires - top and bottom or dresses/tops with a flap at the front or with a hidden opening under a piece of material which can be more of a hassle than a solution sometimes. Our simple design made it possible for me to have a wider selection of what I could wear and felt that the clothes are made to suit different individual styles. We make it possible to transform any design or style of clothing into a breastfeeding friendly outfit. We stick to your known styles and just make them ‘better’ for you so that wearing a dress that you like doesn’t mean you lifting up your dress or undressing the upper part of your body when you have to breastfeed which unfortunately can only be done in private - unless if you don't mind covering up (provided your baby doesn't mind too and it's not too warm!) or letting it all hang out! :). Our clothes not only allows you to breastfeed in public but also makes your breastfeeding experience discreet.

Stylishmamas products include evening breastfeeding dresses, casual breastfeeding dresses, breastfeeding nightwear/lounge wear and breastfeeding tops. Each has a unique hidden vertical zip access point on either side of the clothes for mother to breastfeed their baby naturally and discreetly but also these access areas are not noticeable while generally wearing the clothing.
While we produce and stock an array of clothing with various styles we are also willing to produce bespoke clothing items for our customers.


Exclusive Designs - Bespoke Breastfeeding Clothes Made-To-Order

Our exclusive designs are only available to buy at WWW.STYLISHMAMAS.CO.UK but you can also Contact Us  about wholesale orders or about your ideas and how we can bespoke your clothes into the perfect pretty nursing outfit.


Breastfeeding accessories.

In addition to suitable breastfeeding clothes, here at Stylishmamas we also believe that breastfeeding accessories are a must for every breastfeeding mum be it a soothing nipple cream or breast pads. It is always a good idea to have some of these essentials readily available as breastfeeding can be quite unpredictable. For the pumping mums, freezer bags are an essential and as such one needs to choose durable ones to avoid ruining the nutritional value of the breast milk. Stylishmamas stocks different reputable brands like Ameda, Mam, Dr Brown’s, Avent, Lansinoh, Nuk and Tommee tippee for you to choose from.


Privacy and Security.

When it comes to your privacy and security, Stylishmamas takes this very seriously and we will never publicly disclose your information without your consent. All data collected on our website is strictly for internal use only to manage your orders or to help us improve our products and services for you. We will never give out your personal information to third parties.

* Please note all our online payments are protected by our safe and secure payment servers.


What do you think?

At Stylishmamas we take our customers very seriously and we are always keen to receive your feedback and hear your thoughts. We are always willing to listen and we will use your feedback to improve on our products and services for you. So if you have anything to say, please do get in touch and we would love to hear from you!



We are proud to support Ammalife who are an organisation dedicated to supporting mothers world-wide especially in poor countries to receive the best pre and post natal care to reduce the risks of mother and infant motality rates. For more information, please click here.

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